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Some Fun Halloween Videos and More

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So, pretty much all of my plans for Halloween have fallen through this weekend, partly due to my daughter being ill with H1N1 and partly due to our heating not working at home, so I am staying with friends.  We are having a simple little home celebration instead…Chinese food for dinner, the World Series (go Yankees!), and shortly, the piece de resistance….Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!  The kids nowadays don’t seem to know what a phenomenon that movie was back in its day…wearing newspaper over our heads and spraying water guns in the theatre, throwing toast , toilet paper, and rice,  and of course all the moments where we felt that we, like the characters in the movie, had lines to recite.  Ahhhh, the good old days!  Our city just had its first public showing of Rocky Horror in years (sad that I didn’t get to go 😦 ) and there were people dressed in the characters’ costumes and carrying props just as there should be!  (Want to know more about the props you are supposed to bring?  Check out the Rocky Horror fan guides online such as this one:

Of course, the best part of Rocky Horror Picture Show is, in my estimation, the Time Warp song and dance! (yes I do still know all the steps! 😛 )  So here for your viewing pleasure, I give to you…Frank N Furter!!!

Looking for some more Halloween amusement?

Here’s a Thriller parody from Regis and Kelly!

A Fame Halloween performance

 For the weirdos like me:  25 Pumpkins Vomiting–>

A collection of art all with a “haunted” theme

For all you ghouls and ghoulettes out there…want to get buried alive?  Go to this link, choose your cemetery, fill out the short form there, and the Grave Keeper will happily bury you alive!

Also at the delightful “Halloween is here” site, you can sign up for Ghoul School.  Once you do, there are a bunch of fun (but creepy) games to play such as Haunted Castle, Frankenbrain, and Whack a Monster.  Have fun!


The Joys of Candy Corn

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Candy Corn Pylons from Diabetik, Flickr

Well it’s Halloween here in Ontario and we all know what that means…bags and bags of candy corn are gracing the store shelves! MMMMM It seems from doing my research for this post that there are two kinds of reactions to the mention of candy corn:  mmmmmmm or YUCK!!!  Candy corn seems to truly be one of those love it or hate it kind of things.  I, as I am sure you have already figured out, fall on the side of the LOVE IT people but it is incredibly sweet and even I can’t eat more than just a little bit (something my waistline and teeth thank me for).    Candy corn is so popular that October 30th has even been declared as National Candy Corn Day in the US.  Despite its many sugary ingredients and sweet sweet taste, a cup of candy corn actually has fewer calories than a cup of raisins so indulge away! 

Candy corn has been around since the 1880’s.  It was originally invented and produced by George Renninger, an employee of the Wunderlee Candy Co and then later by the Goelitz Brothers Candy Company, which later became the Jelly Belly Candy Company.  (yes those Jelly Bellies…more mmmm).  In early days, candy corn was only available seasonally.  It apparently was produced from March to November but I know that in my area it was (and often still is) only available from September to just after Halloween.  (When I lived in the US, it was available longer…usually right up through their Thanksgiving).  Now with the advanced machinery they have, the company is able to produce candy corn in a variety of seasonal colours throughout the year at a rate of approximately 25,200-40,000 pounds per hour.The main ingredients in candy corn are fondant (which is comprised of about 20% sugar and 80% corn syrup), and marshmallow (which helps it to retain its shape).  Each of the three colours are produced separately and then done layer by layer from orange to white.  Back in its early days, this layering process was all done by hand, pressing the layers into moulds that had been dusted with cornstarch.  Want a more detailed description of the production process?  Check one of these out:  Apparently there is a video from The Food Network showing the candy corn production process but I can’t add it here as it says I am unable to access due to the fact I live in Canada.  Perhaps you will have better luck! 😉

This site has a list (and recipes) of 10 things to do with your candy corn from candy corn popcorn cakes to adding them as sweetener in your coffee and tea to adding them to your Chex mix and your apple pie recipe and more!,0,7740621.story  One of the ideas I really want to try is their idea for adding candy corn to baked apples ( just use your favourite baked apple recipe and add about a dozen pieces of candy corn to each apple).    Prefer to make your own candy corn?  Here ya go! (for a recipe) or if you prefer a step by step tutorial:

Some great links to check out for more candy corn fun!

Skip to my Lou (I HIGHLY recommend this blog!) has a collection of ideas for candy corn themed foods and drinks which could make the basis for a really rad candy corn themed party!

Living Locurto (another of my favourite blogs) has this adorable candy corn treat bag and tag printable:

This candy corn Halloween bracelet is easy to make and just adorable!

I found a tutorial on Youtube for applying your eye makeup in a way inspired by candy corn but honestly I didn’t think it had any relation to candy corn whatsoever.  Instead, I offer for your viewing pleasure, how to paint your nails in candy corn fashion!

How about this thoroughly adorable candy corn hat pattern?

A tutorial for a really adorable candy corn mini-book

Making candy corn out of polymer clay (use it for jewellery or as embellishments on other projects)

And lastly, if you enjoy the bizarre humour of Mr. Bill from the old Saturday Night Live show, I leave you with this offering…Candy Corn Man!

Fun Halloween Crafts

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Some fun Halloween decorations and crafts to make:

Witches’ Cauldron: Buy one of those inexpensive black plastic witches’ cauldrons they sell at this time of year. Cut a hand sized opening in the bottom of it. Cut off the toes of a long black sock and use something like duct tape to attach it to the hole. Now fill up your cauldron with the candies for your trick-or-treaters. Put your hand up through the hole and sock and when your Halloween visitors go to reach in the cauldron to get some candy, there will be a moving hand within it! (From Rachael Ray show)

Glass jars and beakers to represent specimen jars: Place items in water, plain or coloured with food colouring (either the water and/or the items) …Vienna sausages look like fingers, certain shapes of gourds look like various organs, certain cabbages or cauliflowers can look like brains (especially effective if tinted with food colouring before putting into the water), and so on. Do you have any other great ideas for things to use as the specimens? From Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart shows

Have a ceiling fan? Turn it into a spider! Cover each of the blades with a pair of black pantyhose that has been stuffed with some black crepe paper streamers to give it some form. You’ll want to leave a bit of the pantyhose hanging down from each blade for extra creepiness as the fan slowly turns and the legs potentially brush up against people! For the head, use a black Styrofoam ball (you can sometimes buy precoloured foam balls or you can use spraypaint on a plain one. You have to use a light touch with the spraypaint as applying it heavily can cause it to sort of melt the foam. In our area, large Styrofoam balls can be really expensive. You can also adapt this idea to using other spherical objects…an old small beach ball or child’s playground ball for example…even a black balloon!). If using something like foam, you can pin two red peppers hot peppers to the ball to form the spider’s pinchers. Certainly, fun foam, felt, or even construction paper would be an effective substitute for the peppers. Make sure to keep the fan on low or you risk losing spider parts as it spins! (from Rachael Ray show)

Papel Picado Halloween flags/banners: a tutorial based on the patterns available at The Toymaker

Adorable Halloween printables and crafts from The Toymaker: Includes treat boxes, goodie bags, bookmarks, and little novelty toys like the Dancing Skeletons, Ghost Show, and more!

Candy Corn Bowl

Witch’s Hat wall-hanging

Free Halloween printables

Halloween Glass Ball Ornaments

Hanging Lantern Ghosts

More Halloween printables

A Murder of Crows silhouette pictures

More Crow Art

Halloween Pop-up Card

Halloween Picture Frame

Spider Decoration

SPOOKY candleholder

Creepy Halloween Birds

A Vampire Bouquet from Kathy Cano-Murillo

An Easy to Make Paper Halloween Village from Claudine Hellmuth

Bat Napkin Rings

Halloween Printable Paper Dolls

Halloween Silhouettes for your windows

Glittered spider’s web placemats from Eddie Ross

Lots of amazing crafty Halloween ideas here! (ps a favourite blog too)

A Halloween quiet book (have never seen “themed” ones before…am going to start on a Christmas themed book for some little ones I adore)

Adorable Halloween paper doll

Some adorable Halloween crafts adapted from Woman’s World Magazine:

A Witchy Treat Container: This uses a plastic gallon milk jug painted green inside and out as the base. Tip: A coating of spray adhesive applied to the jug as a base coat prior to painting will help the paint stick better. Cut out an oval for the mouth opposite to the handle. Make a hat for the jug by using a cone of black felt for the pointy part and a brim formed out of a circle of black fun foam. The facial features and teeth can also be cut out of felt or fun foam or even construction paper. You can use stickers or trims like rick-rack or even pieces cut from scrapbooking paper to add embellishments to the hat or to create cheeks for the witch. For hair, you can use strands of yarn, lengths of raffia, strips of construction paper that have been folded accordion style or the magazine suggests using chenille stems (coloured pipe cleaners…they used purple!). They took 40 of the stems and twisted them together in bundles of 10 at one end. Again, bend these accordion style (zigzag) and glue two of the bundles on each side of her face. Glue the hat on top of her hair. They added a cute little touch making a little spider out of a Styrofoam ball with googly eyes, chenille stem legs, and a little black witches’ hat on and placed that in the witch’s hair. Fill the jug with candies and use this as a positively adorable way to hand out candies to trick-or-treaters!

It Always Feels Like Somebody’s Watching Me…Eyeball Mobile: These used Styrofoam balls painted white (I guess they painted them to make it more of a solid appearance but I would think you could just leave them plain). Ping pong balls would work nicely for this too!! Turn these balls into eyeballs with acrylic paints or for a dimensional look, use tubes of puff paints. In the ones I saw, they painted the iris of each eye a bright green and each pupil black with a tiny white spot as a highlight. Red squiggly lines branching out from each iris makes the eyes look bloodshot. Suspend these from a ring of some sort such as an embroidery hoop or you can even fashion one out of a bent coat hanger. You can hang them by string or yarn or for a little motion to them, you can use elastic.

Witch’s Hat Candy Holder: Use a Styrofoam cone painted black as the base. Create a circle out of black cardboard or foam core. Use a piece of wide ribbon or a strip of scrapbooking paper around the base of the hat where it meets the brim to add a bit of decorative trim. Use a knitting needle or something similar to poke some holes all over the cone to make openings for Halloween lollipops. They further embellished this by taking regular lollipops and turning them into Halloween creatures. For example, you could make the typical ghost lollipops using tissues, cut out shapes like Jack O’Lanterns from fun foam and attaching those to the lollipops or even adding black pipecleaners to make spider legs or black fun foam batwings attached to each side of a lollipop. Cute!

Halloween Totem Pole: Use a Styrofoam block as a base for this. You can cover it with scrapbooking paper, fabric, or you can simply paint it. Cut a 12” skewer into 4 pieces and use these to attach the various characters together. Paint Styrofoam balls orange to make Jack O’Lanterns (tip: they suggest using a wooden spoon handle to press into the ball to form the grooves of the pumpkin. You can also paint or draw lines on or glue on pieces of black yarn or strips of paper.) Add googly eyes and/or features cut from felt, fun foam, or construction paper or paint them on. You can even cut out little hands from fun foam and attach them to the Jack O’Lantern heads with coiled chenille stems. You can paint some black or purple…again add features and for a spider you can use chenille stems for the legs or for bats you can add batwings cut from fun foam (fun foam is best as it is stiff enough to stand out). If you would like to make a vampire or Frankenstein’s monster, use rectangular pieces of Styrofoam painted green and again using felt, fun foam, or construction paper to add features like fangs, hair and so on. Little pieces of fun foam or Styrofoam make ideal bolts on the side of the monster’s head or you can use actual bolts for them!

How to make a spider wreath: I just love this spider wreath from Canadian Living magazine. If you would like to see a photo of it, there is one on their website. They used a grapevine wreath as a base but a wire or Styrofoam wreath works well too. Paint the wreath black. Make some spiders by creating bodies made from black or orange cellophane squares gathered up around balls of paper (tissue paper, newsprint, etc.) and secured with string or a twist tie. Use black pipe cleaners to create legs for the spiders and attach to the bodies. If using orange cellophane, it can add a nice touch to take some black paint and just casually dab over the bodies to add some depth to the colouring. You might want to paint some plastic or silk leaves black and use these to fill in any open spaces between the spiders. Use wire or twist ties to attach the leaves and spiders to the wreath. Add a big black bow to the wreath for a final touch!

Halloween decorating video includes a beautiful dessertscape of jars of Halloween candies renamed and labeled with creepy names and a RAVEN stenciled on a white pumpkin

Halloween Roundup of Ideas from the wonderful One Pretty Thing blog:

Creepy Bottle Labels

Printable Halloween Crafts from Canon (I especially love the Zombie that’s part of the Halloween Night display:


The Pumpkin Dance

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Funny and silly! Enjoy!

Darling Clementine Part 4

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Clem called out, “Hello???”…more of a question than a statement really.  She waited.  Something wasn’t right.  “HELLO???”  This time louder, more insistent.  She had thought perhaps the person, the source of the singing, might call back to her.  Perhaps they could connect through the darkness.  Perhaps the direction of the person’s voice would help to guide her through the darkness.  Perhaps she wouldn’t feel so lost, so frightened, so alone in the darkness.  In her heart, she knew that no one would answer.  She wasn’t even entirely sure she wanted them to answer.  Still, she tried one more time.  Mustering all the strength she could, she screamed as loudly as possible “Is anyone out there???”  That’s when it hit her.  “I know what’s wrong,” she thought.  “There should be an echo here.  There’s always an echo here.”  Instead, the sound traveled from her and seemed to die mid-air.  “Die.  An unfortunate choice of words,” she thought.  

Clementine dropped to her knees.  She needed to think.  This was all hurting her head.  None of it made any sense.  In her mind, she was transported right back to that department store.  Right back to being 4 years old again.  She was lost again, just like when she had been 4, and she remembered all too well the fear that had consumed her then.  She was convinced she would never see her mother and grandmother again.  She was convinced that she would be doomed to wander from clothing rack to clothing rack for the rest of her days (well you were warned that Clem is a drama queen!).  The memories were so vivid.  She could feel the soft silky textures of the clothing surrounding her face.  She tried to focus on the joy that being swept up by those beautiful articles of clothing had initially caused but she soon became aware of another sensation, another memory. 

Sure, at first hiding in the clothing racks had been a pleasurable game but the moment she realized that she was lost, it all changed profoundly.  She had tried to retrace her steps through the clothing racks to make her way back to her mother and grandmother.  Suddenly, the clothing seemed alive, almost…possessed.  That thought made her shiver!  What was worse, it was as if the clothing was gathering power and energy with every passing moment.  It was as if it were….feeding off her fear.  Big gulp.  Deep breath.  This was a new realization for Clem but she knew at once that she was on to something.  She concentrated her thoughts on the incident of 30 years ago.  As she thought about it, she remembered the clothing that she had once snuggled up to, allowing it to gently caress her face, beginning to surround her face, more and more pieces of it covering her mouth and nose.  She could recall struggling to breathe as the fabric seemed to feverishly attack her, nearly smothering her.  She clawed at her face, tugging at the fabrics to create little openings.  She would quickly suck in a deep breath before the clothing would close in on her mouth and nose once again. 

As she was fighting with the clothing, she could feel something tugging at her feet.  She looked down and saw the metal feet of the clothing rack wrapping themselves around hers, holding her in place.  Clementine alternated between scratching away at the clothing surrounding her face and trying to pull her feet free from their steel trap but even at her tender age, she could tell it was a losing battle.  It was then that she heard it.  Or maybe it had been playing all along and she had just been too consumed with trying to breathe to notice it.  The song.  Growing louder and louder.  What’s more, she noticed something else that was strangely familiar.  Clem had been carrying a little purse with her when she entered the clothing racks.  It had not left her side until, in her need for two hands to fight off the attacks, she had put it down on the floor.  She looked for it then but all she could see of it was a bit of the handle…all that remained of it as it was being sucked into the floor. 

By that point, Clem was crying so hard and so loudly that she was hyperventilating.  In fact, she was making so much noise herself that she very nearly didn’t hear it.  But suddenly there it was.  Faint at first but growing steadily louder…it was Mommy and Nana, frantically calling her name.  “Clem, where are you?….Clementine…please come out now!”  The closer the voices got, the weaker the hold that the clothing and rack had on her.  “Mommy!!!!” she yelled and she could hear the sound of footsteps rushing towards her location.  The calling continued, back and forth, and soon the clothing’s hold was weakened enough that Clem could shove both arms through the clothes and out into the store.  She felt two hands grab hold of hers and pull hard.  “Clem, oh Clem, you’re all right!” her mother said, all at once kissing her and scolding her for giving them such a scare.  

“Well now that’s all well and good,” she thought, “But who’s around to rescue me this time?”  Clem jumped up from her knees.  The feeling of defeat and despair was overpowering.  “I have to find my way out of there!”  She began running, all the while consumed by one thought…”I’m lost!”  The panic was palpable and she began to sob again.  As she cried, it was as though each of her teardrops, when hitting the ground, turned into vines and branches and leaves and soon she was fighting them away from her just as she had with the clothing and rack back in the department store.  No matter what direction she went in, branches and vines were continually tripping her and grabbing her and smacking her in the face until she could no longer move.  They whipped around her, winding around and around, forming a shroud-like covering around her body. 

As the power of the objects around her grew, so did the power of the song.  What had first sounded like the baleful moan of a solitary singer sounded like a duet, then a trio, quartet, and then just seemed to increase exponentially until she could hear thousands of voices swirling around her face, singing.  This, of course, frightened Clem but not nearly as much as the realization that she could now make out the lyrics and that they were indeed familiar.  She had heard them many times in her life. They seemed to be sung at every Girl Guide campfire she attended, on the school bus each time her class went on a field trip, and most especially, by nearly every new person she met the moment they learned her name.  

Even Clem’s Nana had sung it to her when she was a child…that is, until Clem finally begged her tearfully to stop.  People seemed amused by this song, looked upon it as a delightful little ditty for such occasions, even setting up groups to sing it in rounds!  Clementine could never understand that.  “Didn’t they ever LISTEN to the words?” she wondered.  They were terrifying and the song had always made her very uneasy.  It was as if it contained a……………..warning.  “Oh my God!” she screamed with the sudden realization of what was happening here.  The song.  It WAS a warning.  Getting lost, the fear, it….whatever IT is…fed on it.  The realization came too late.  By this time, Clem’s feet had been pulled into the ground and she was now waist deep in what felt like quicksand beneath her.  The branches and vines that had been enshrouding her had very nearly completed their work and she had mere slits to see through and tiny little holes through which to draw her last breaths.  In her dying moments, there was nothing left for her to do but listen.  Listen to the song that had haunted her for her entire life as one final tear rolled down her face. 

“Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine.  You are lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine……………”


What Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?

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I apparently am undoubtedly candy corn because I am sweet and friendly! 😉


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Here is a collection of superstitions I have gathered together.  Please add more to it!!! I KNOW there are plenty more to be put on here.  Personally, as I read through the list, I was thinking that some of these would make some great story seeds! 😉

If a candle flame suddenly turns blue, it indicates a ghost is nearby.

Ringing a bell scares away evil spirits (is this somehow connected with the whole every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings?).

If you hear footsteps walking behind you on Halloween night, DON’T LOOK BACK!  If you do, it might be the dead following you and looking them in the eyes will mean that you are the next to die!

If you spy a spider on Halloween, treat it nicely! It could very well be a dead relative of yours watching over you!

Knock on wood to keep bad luck away.

The souls in Purgatory are released for 48 hours beginning on Halloween.

Walk around your house backwards and counterclockwise 3 times on before the sun sets on Halloween night to protect your home from evil.

If you catch a snail on Halloween night, you are supposed to place it in a flat dish.  In the morning, check the dish and the trail of snail slime left behind is said to spell out the first letter of your true love’s name.

Owls hooting can be a sign of danger…at least to the dying.  They are said to fly down and eat the souls of those who are dying so when their hoot was heard, people would turn their pockets inside out for good luck.

Nuts were used as magic charms on Halloween in Britain because it was believed that the Devil liked to gather nuts.

Put a sprig of rosemary and a silver sixpence under your pillow on Halloween night and you will see your future spouse in your dreams.

In North America, a well-known superstition is that it’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. (Hmph! I love my black cats!) and good luck if a white cat crosses your path.  It’s exactly the opposite in Britain, Ireland, and Japan.  It’s also said that in some parts of North America, they believe that if a black cat walks toward you, it’s bringing you good luck.  If it walks away from you, it takes the luck with it.

Bury animal bones near your doorway and you will prevent ghosts from entering your home on Halloween.

If you are lucky enough to have a Halloween birthday, you will be able to see and talk to the spirits.  It is also said that you will have lifelong protection from evil spiritis.

Go to a crossroads on Halloween and listen to the wind.  It will tell you the most important things that will happen to you in the next 12 months.

Bobbing for apples on Halloween?  The first to bite the apple will be the first to marry.

One that all my school chums used to do at lunch or recess…peel an apple from top to bottom so that the peel comes off all in one piece.  Throw the peel over your shoulder and watch what letter it forms when it lands.  That will be the first initial of your true love.  It is also said that the one whose peel is the longest is guaranteed the longest life.

A bat flying around a house 3 times is an omen of death.  If bats come out much earlier in the evening than usual, it’s a sign of good weather coming.  If a bat flies into your house, it’s a sign that you have ghosts who let it in!

Don’t lean a broom against a bed.  The evil spirits in the broom will cast a spell on your bed! (I always knew cleaning tools were possessed by evil spirits!)

If you sweep trash out the door after dark, it will bring a stranger to visit.

If someone is sweeping the floor and sweeps over your feet, you will never get married.

Never take a broom along with you when you move.  Throw it out and buy a new one so you don’t carry any bad karma from one house to the next.

To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, sweep out the room they stayed in immediately after they leave.

If your right ear itches, someone is speaking well of you.  If your left ear itches, someone is speaking ill of you.

A horseshoe, hung over the door, will bring luck to the home.  In Canada, and apparently some parts of Ireland and England, you must hang the horseshoe with the opening facing up or it is believed that the luck will “run out”.

If you leave a rocking chair rocking when it’s empty, it invites evil spirits to come into your house to sit in the chair.

The 7th son of a 7th son has magic powers according to Irish legend but in Romanian folklore, he is a vampire.