Some Fun Halloween Videos and More

So, pretty much all of my plans for Halloween have fallen through this weekend, partly due to my daughter being ill with H1N1 and partly due to our heating not working at home, so I am staying with friends.  We are having a simple little home celebration instead…Chinese food for dinner, the World Series (go Yankees!), and shortly, the piece de resistance….Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!  The kids nowadays don’t seem to know what a phenomenon that movie was back in its day…wearing newspaper over our heads and spraying water guns in the theatre, throwing toast , toilet paper, and rice,  and of course all the moments where we felt that we, like the characters in the movie, had lines to recite.  Ahhhh, the good old days!  Our city just had its first public showing of Rocky Horror in years (sad that I didn’t get to go 😦 ) and there were people dressed in the characters’ costumes and carrying props just as there should be!  (Want to know more about the props you are supposed to bring?  Check out the Rocky Horror fan guides online such as this one:

Of course, the best part of Rocky Horror Picture Show is, in my estimation, the Time Warp song and dance! (yes I do still know all the steps! 😛 )  So here for your viewing pleasure, I give to you…Frank N Furter!!!

Looking for some more Halloween amusement?

Here’s a Thriller parody from Regis and Kelly!

A Fame Halloween performance

 For the weirdos like me:  25 Pumpkins Vomiting–>

A collection of art all with a “haunted” theme

For all you ghouls and ghoulettes out there…want to get buried alive?  Go to this link, choose your cemetery, fill out the short form there, and the Grave Keeper will happily bury you alive!

Also at the delightful “Halloween is here” site, you can sign up for Ghoul School.  Once you do, there are a bunch of fun (but creepy) games to play such as Haunted Castle, Frankenbrain, and Whack a Monster.  Have fun!


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